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Protective Device Coordination

We Offer Arc Flash Risk Assessment in all 50 States!

EDS can provide Protective Device Coordination Analysis in accordance with IEEE std 242-2001; Recommended Practice for Protection and Coordination of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (Buff Book), and in accordance IEEE std 399-1997; Recommended Practice for Industrial and Commercial Power Systems Analysis (Brown Book). Coordination time-current characteristic curves are prepared to determine the required settings/sizes of the protective devices to maximize selectivity and safety with Arc Flash Hazards in mind.

The coordination curves are prepared on log-log paper to illustrate adequate clearing times of devices. The curves depict actual protective devices installed, based upon Easypower’s® device library of manufacture curves, in order to ensure proper coordination.

Curve Sheets Shall Contain, But Not Be Limited To, The Following:

  • Device Identification and associated settings/size
  • Current multiplier
  • Cable insulation damage curves
  • Single line for the portion of the system
  • Voltage at which curves are plotted
  • ANSI frequent fault damage curve
  • ANSI frequent fault damage curve
  • Motor Starting Profiles (Where Applicable)


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