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Medium / High Voltage Safety Training – 4 Hrs

We Offer Medium / High Voltage Safety Training in all 50 States!

Our Medium / High Voltage Electrical Safety Training establishes minimum standards to ensure that worker’s health and safety are protected during medium voltage electrical work and is based upon, but not limited to, OSHA 1910.269, 1910.132(D), and 1910.137 standards. OSHA makes a distinction between low voltage qualified employees (600 volt and below) and those qualified for medium / high voltage job tasks. The reason for this distinction is equipment and conductors that carry medium / high voltage warrant particular safety requirements and procedures. Electricians may only be licensed for particular voltage classes in some jurisdictions. There are many issues to consider when measuring medium / high voltage. Taking medium / high voltage measurements can be hazardous to the equipment, to the unit under test, and to the employee. Also verifying zero energy, proper grounding techniques, and proper switching procedures is critical to the safety of the employee. Pre-requisite to this class is NFPA 70E Training.

OSHA Final Rule (April 1, 2014) harmonizes personal protective equipment (PPE) standards between the construction and general industries. OSHA reasoned that PPE standards for electrical power work should be as similar as possible between these two industries because the work performed by employees is practically identical.

Upon Completion Of Medium / High Voltage Safety Training Students Will Be Able To:

  • Use of insulating and shielding materials for employee protection. Identify medium / high voltage safety hazards.
  • Define the approach boundaries.
  • Demonstrate the skills and techniques to distinguish live parts from other parts and determine the nominal voltage of live parts.
  • Selection of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for each hazard category.
  • Demonstration of safe electrical work practices working on or near energized equipment.
  • Proper selection and use of rated test instruments and equipment.
  • Use of insulating and shielding materials for employee protection.

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Class Agenda - Medium / High Voltage Safety Training

  • Understand how to use special tools and special work procedures for greater than 600 volts.
  • Know the clearance requirements for high voltage equipment, barrier and barricading requirements.
  • Understand special hazards associated with high voltage equipment.
  • Understand the approach boundaries (arc flash and shock boundaries).
  • Understand the definition and importance of each hazard risk category.
  • Selection and maintenance of proper PPE.
  • Importance of applying grounding clusters (grounding sets).
  • Understand special procedures and tools for extracting personnel from energized circuits.
  • Maintenance and inspection of voltage-rated gloves.
  • Recognize the dangers of transient voltages and how to avoid them.
  • The importance of a qualified observer.
  • Understand the workspace and guarding specified in the OSHA standard.
  • Film and testing of students.


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