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Meter Safety Training

We Offer Meter Safety Training in all 50 States!

We ask participants in our meter safety program to bring their digital multi-meter to class to determine the safety category rating and compliance with IEC 61010-1 (International Electrotechnical Commission) safety requirements for electrical equipment measurement. Understanding the proper category rating of an electrician’s test equipment is important for his or her safety. The digital multi-meter and voltage testers are the cause of many injuries and fatalities. Failure to confirm zero energy can result in electrocutions, and failure to have the appropriate test equipment for the work environment can result in an arc flash event to occur.

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    Class Agenda - Meter Safety Training

    Students may bring their hand-held instrument (DMM and voltage tester) and test leads for a complimentary safety checkup.

    • International safety specifications.
    • Identify IEC installation categories.
    • Identification of IEC safety markings.
    • Understand common multi-meter safety issues.
    • Example and case studies of safety incidents.
    • Overvoltage categories and voltage withstand.
    • Dangers of transient voltages.
    • DMM safety hazards, inspections and checklist.
    • Film and testing of students.


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