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NFPA 70B Training

We offer NFPA 70B training in all 50 states!

In today’s global economy, the quest for increased productivity is a given for most commercial and industrial facilities. Keeping those facilities running smoothly at maximum efficiency requires a host of programs involving all aspects of the operation, including maintaining the electrical equipment. Based upon OSHA’s preamble Subpart S, 33% of incidents and fatalities occur due to failure to maintain the electrical equipment’s integrity. Although most facilities call on outside contractors to perform medium / high voltage equipment maintenance, often low voltage equipment such as molded case circuit breakers, insulated case circuit breakers, and 600 volt motor control centers are often neglected. Breaker manufacturers state that if this type of equipment is not properly maintained in a 5 year period, a failure rate of 40% can occur.

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    NFPA 70B Training

    • Substations
    • Switchgear Assemblies
    • Auxillary Equipment
    • Power and Distribution Transformers
    • Air Circuit Breakers - Medium Voltage
    • Molded-Case Circuit Breakers in Power Plants
    • Fuses
    • Protective Relays
    • Rotating Equipment
    • Grounding
    • Motor Control Equipment
    • Maintenance Intervals
    • Power Cables

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